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Springfield Park

Stormwater Basin Ecological Restoration
Bloomingdale Park District
Bloomingdale, Illinois
33 Acres
  • Design Consultation
  • Selective Tree Removal
  • Invasive Species Removal
  • Native Seed & Plug Installation
  • Erosion Control Blanket Installation
  • Stewardship & Prescribed Fire
Springfield Park is a public park located in Bloomingdale, IL that houses a playground, several newly redeveloped sports fields and courts, a pavilion, and open green space with recreation paths and educational signage surrounding the onsite stormwater management area.  There is a historical wetland/pond element that predates the current development that was incorporated into the stormwater management area as it is now during residential development in the 80’s & 90’s. In 2007 Pizzo & Associates performed an ecological assessment and came up with an initial ecological restoration plan. Parts of this plan were implemented from 2008-2016, including; prescribed fire, invasive species control activities, and limited seeding.  During this time the Park District would also regularly host volunteer work days. In 2016 the Park District included the remaining restoration work into a referendum that included other Park District projects. The referendum was approved and Pizzo & Associates was awarded the current restoration project in summer 2017. Site preparation and restoration planting activities for this project took place over the summer and fall of 2017 and the spring of 2018 and Pizzo has been stewarding the project since the installation was complete.
To manage stormwater runoff and to provide the public with a high quality and aesthetically pleasing natural space to relax, recreate, and engage with the natural environment in an otherwise urban/suburban setting. The natural areas also provide a refuge for native flora and fauna in an area otherwise largely devoid of wildlife habitat.
This project involved initial selective tree and brush clearing along with herbaceous invasive species control across the 12.33 acre prairie buffer, pond shoreline and shallow wetland areas.  A total of 9.12 acres were re-seeded with six (6) different site specific seed mixes and 4.83 acres were covered with erosion control blanket. While a total of 2,050 native plant plugs were installed within the shoreline and shallow wetland areas. The site has been actively managed through stewardship since the initial restoration was completed in 2018.
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