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Native Plant Nursery


Pizzo Native Plant Nursery, LLC is a wholesale grower specializing in the production and supply of Deeply Rooted™ native plant plugs and native seed. We are an established and reputable grower with more than 30 years of ecological restoration science behind our product and services. We pride ourselves on strong customer relationships, delivering a superior quality product, and customized service. We can help you achieve success by sharing our technical expertise to develop species lists for sustainable ecological landscapes.


At Pizzo Native Plant Nursery LLC, we strive to create growing conditions found in nature. At our 40-acre nursery located west of Chicago Illinois, we grow more than 430 species of native plants sourced from regional and local ecotypes for prairie, woodland, and wetland habitats.

Technical Capacity

Online Availability and Ordering

Pickup and Delivery Options

Boxes and Pallet Rack Shipping

Experience Propagating over 600 Species

No Neonicotinoid Policy

Native Plant Plugs

Native plant plug.jpg

Deeply Rooted native plant plugs currently available for planting directly into the landscape or for potting up into a larger size container for growing out. Check out our online availability for current and projected availability.

Contract Growing

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Contact us for all of your native plant needs, we specialize in working with you to meet your projects vision and deadlines and exceed your quality expectations.

Local Ecotypes

Local ecotypes.jpg

Experience dealing with local and regional ecotypes on a project specific basis. Ability to grow specific ecotypes for your project.

Plant Propagation


Looking for a hard to find species, contact us and we will work to source seed and grow out specifically for you, we have experience propagating hard to find native species.

Pollinator & Wildlife Habitat

Pollinator and wildlife habitat.jpg

Our plants are never treated with neonicotinoids as we expect our plants to feed wildlife and help create sustainable landscapes. We realize that the landscape should provide services beyond our own needs.

Green Infrastructure

Green Infrastructure.jpg

We have experience working with contractors installing bioswales, green roofs, living walls, detention basins and other green infrastructure projects. We understand the complexity and need for communication on these types of projects.

Contract Growing
Green Infrastructure
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