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Lemont Heritage Woodland Sanctuary

Natural Area Restoration
Lemont Township
Lemont, Illinois
59 Acres
  • Ecological Consultation & Design
  • Native Seed & Plug Installation
  • Wildlife Habitation Creation & Preservation
  • Stewardship & Prescribed Fire
Lemont Heritage Woodland Sanctuary is a beautiful 59 acre preserve in the heart of Lemont that offers residents access to a wealth of natural beauty. The site is home to dozens of native plant species that provide much needed habitat for migratory birds, butterflies and many other beneficial insects and animals. The dedication by the Lemont Township to this project cannot be understated, beginning in 2010 following the initial planting work, an extensive stewardship program has been in place to ensure the restoration is a success. 
Encourage the continued establishment and diversity of the native vegetation and keep invasive species out of the restored area. Promote wildlife habitat throughout the preserve by installing and maintaining beneficial native plants.
Every year the site is assessed by professional ecologists where specific needs are addressed and improvement projects are planned for the growing season. A dedicated and experienced stewardship work crew maintains the entire site once a month to eliminate any weedy and invasive plants occurring onsite.  The stewardship crew also collects native seed to be re-distributed onsite in areas where weeds have been controlled.  A prescribed fire is performed on this site every three years, regular fires help to eradicate volunteer saplings in the prairie and clear the site of dead biomass material. In addition to professional stewardship efforts Lemont Township also hosts volunteer days to get the community involved and interacting with nature. The benefits of this commitment are apparent as you walk the site all summer long and experience acres of beautiful native plants in full bloom! 
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