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Consulting + Design

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ecology + vision, llc has pioneered an innovative approach to natural areas consultation, planning, and design. Our professional landscape architects and ecologists are specialized in all facets of sustainable landscape architecture, sustainable landscape design and ecology.


We offer services to complete any project public or private, with a full suite services for developers, engineers, landscape architects, municipalities, and general contractors such as,

Technical Capacity

AutoCAD Map 3D

GPS Mapping


Google SketchUp

Adobe Design Suite


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Many of our projects have a regulatory requirements, meaning that there is an open permit issued by a government agency allowing the work to be performed. Permitted projects come with requirements that must be met in order to receive “sign-off” and close out the permit. We achieve this by being proactive during the design, install and maintenance phases of a project.


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Critical to permit sign-off, vegetative monitoring is typically a requirement by the permitting agency. We utilize a formalized monitoring protocol where scientific data is gathered by our project ecologist and incorporated into an annual report. The report documents the progress towards meeting performance and outlays additional steps needed to attain permit sign-off on time.

Wetland Delineations


With wetlands being protected by federal, state and local laws, before any development or construction is approved the boundary of a wetland must be determined. To determine the boundary of a wetland, a series of data points are chosen that are representative of the site.

Sustainable Landscape Architecture & Design

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Design plays a big part of sustainable landscape & green infrastructure. We succeed because of our system of feedback between our landscape architects & field staff. All sites our sites are beautiful as well as functional.

Natural Areas Assessment


The evaluation of an existing natural area to determine its community composition, ecological quality, and basic requirements for restoration or management.

Floristic Quality Assessment


Floristic Quality Assessment (FQA) provides a cost-effective and repeatable methodology for inventorying plants and assessing the quality of a natural area. This assessment provides information to implement an active ongoing dynamic management, which is vital to the success of a constantly changing natural system.

Natural Areas Assessment
Sustainable Landscape
Wetland Delineations
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