What’s Happening Now? Spring Has Arrived to Natural Areas

Trillium recurvatum

This year, spring has arrived early and Mother Nature is bursting with color and sound. You’ll see our crews out planting seed and spot-treating early season weeds like garlic mustard, thistle, and reed canary grass. We’ve packed up the burn gear as tender plants are emerging and we’ll start planting plugs beginning in mid-May. It’s a good time to ask us about drawing up plans for later in the year or 2017. Meanwhile, get outside and enjoy this beautiful season. Here’s what’s happening in our natural areas.  Read More…

Featured Project: DuPage Unitarian Universalist Church

The savanna in the foreground and raingarden in the background are teeming with life.
The first year, new grasses and forbs sprouted right away.

Prompted by an addition to expand the church, native landscaping is building a greater sense of community between nature and people to DuPage Unitarian Universalist Church in Naperville. Beginning in 2012, The Pizzo Group was contracted to redesign and rebuild the entire greenspace of the church. The landscape architects at ecology + vision, llc designed a planting plan using live plugs for the front entrance areas, raingarden, and parking lot. The rest was seeded by Pizzo & Associates, Ltd. “The front yard, with the savanna under the big trees on one side and the raingarden on the other, began blooming the first season and continues to impress visitors with the succession of colorful flowers throughout the growing season,” says church member Pat Clancy. Read More…

Featured Project: Graceland Cemetery

Graceland 2nd year
In only two years, the site already resembles a lush prairie.

It’s a historic cemetery breathing new life within its grounds. The trustees of Graceland Cemetery wanted to recreate a piece of the tallgrass prairie that once covered much of the Chicago region. Our native plants and landscapes were an inspiration to O.C. Simonds whose innovative designs made the cemetery into a peaceful, pastoral place. Read More…