Fall Site Enhancements Provide Spring Beauty

8Days are getting shorter, leaves are beginning to fall, and it’s the perfect time to plant! This season, consider adding to your landscape or natural area now for a beautiful reward in the spring. Take a few moments to study your area and think about what might be missing or could be improved. What areas need more wildflowers? Is fall color a priority? Is it time to build mulched paths or enhance existing ones?

Fall is a wonderful time to plant plugs, shrubs and trees. Warm soils and cool rains create ideal conditions for building plant roots, giving them a great start for spring growth. Supplemental plugs can add diversity to a natural area and pops of color in the landscape. Shrubs and trees add not only fall color, but wildlife food and winter structure. Read More…

Fall Seeding for Spring Diversity

P1010434Sow your wildflowers this fall with seed! Mid to late autumn can be a great time to create a lasting impression with native plants. If you are thinking of starting a prairie, savanna, or woodland, fall seed installation can encourage more wildflower diversity at your site. Some advantages to fall seeding:

  • There tends to be a higher germination rate especially for wildflowers and sedges in the first growing season.
  • The freeze/thaw cycle of winter allows seeds to be pulled further into the soil for better seed to soil contact. With early spring rains, seeds are then ready to sprout and grow.
  • Our sterile cover crop ensures soil retention once spring rains begin.

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