Featured Project: Bringing Bison Home

Bison After photo 5Our client was acquiring a small herd of bison for his rural property and wanted to evoke the grasslands of the past. Pizzo & Associates, Ltd. was contracted to design and implement restoration of existing pasture areas and agricultural fields. After three years of careful stewardship, it is not only a lush pasture, but a beautiful prairie rich in wildflowers and flowing grasses. The blend of flowers, grasses, and sedges creates year-round interest and makes the pasture a favorite site, even in winter. The clients have experienced increased varieties of birds, mammals, and insects, particularly pollinators. Monarch butterflies are frequently found enjoying the flowers. Read More…

Featured Project: Graceland Cemetery

Graceland 2nd year
In only two years, the site already resembles a lush prairie.

It’s a historic cemetery breathing new life within its grounds. The trustees of Graceland Cemetery wanted to recreate a piece of the tallgrass prairie that once covered much of the Chicago region. Our native plants and landscapes were an inspiration to O.C. Simonds whose innovative designs made the cemetery into a peaceful, pastoral place. Read More…

The Path Less Traveled (Turf Magazine)

2014-turfmag-path-less-traveled“Jack Pizzo doesn’t want to be regarded as your typical “landscaper.” Nor does he claim to be a visionary. But a growing number of clients are convinced he is pointing the industry in a better direction in terms of working with the environment..

Pizzo’s first steps into professional landscaping began typically. He started down the conventional path of landscaping after earning a degree in ornamental horticulture. However, he says he frequently felt the industry was not in tune with the environment. It wasn’t until he worked with a client who wanted wildflowers returned to his woods that he realized he wanted to go in a different direction than most in the industry…” Read more at Turf Magazine.