Featured Project: Preserving a Piece of Michigan’s Natural History

Ancient Beech

For the past seven years, we at Pizzo & Associates, Ltd. have been proud to steward a special piece of land along the Galien River in Three Oaks, Michigan. The homeowners purchased approximately 30 acres as a vacation property and built a home, pool, and pool house for family getaways. They chose the site for its proximity to the Chicago metro area and the beautiful site on the river. Read More…

Solutions for Algae Control

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Algae are a problem on many ponds in our area. It is caused by excessive nutrients, specifically nitrogen and phosphorous, in the water. These are commonly found in fertilizers used on lawns and agricultural crops. When it rains, they run off of lawns and fields and into the stormwater management system, ending up in your ponds.

How do you fix an algae problem? At The Pizzo Group, we take a multi-tiered approach. If you have an area that collects water in rain events, a bioswale or rain garden could be the ideal solution. Creating a beautiful perennial garden of wildflowers treats the stormwater before it enters the pond. Native plants adapted to these conditions will absorb excess water and damaging nutrients, plus add flowers and habitat for pollinators.

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Spring Is for Seeding

seedingSpring can be a good time to sow native seed for prairies, savannas, and woodlands. If you’re looking for a cost-effective solution to establishing native landscaping or natural areas, installing seed is an option. Mild spring temperatures, abundant rainfall, and longer days mean that plants can germinate well. Read More…

Problems – Solved!

Nantucket CoveHow do your natural areas look this spring? Are they meeting your goals? We at The Pizzo Group manage hundreds of natural spaces and we can solve your problems.

  • Beauty – We execute sound practices that produce beautiful and functional natural areas and sustainable landscapes. We are the most-awarded contractor in the Midwest because our projects excel in performance.
  • Prescribed Fire (Controlled Burn) – We are the industry expert at safe and effective prescribed fire. This is one of the tools in our toolbox that creates beautiful natural spaces.
  • Erosion – Our thorough planning and experienced installation and management solutions will resolve your erosion problems.
  • Water Quality – A healthy, native plant community will solve water quality issues.
  • Pollinators and Butterflies – Everything we do for our clients creates pollinator and butterfly habitat.


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