Planting for Pollinators

07-17-07 016The monarch butterflies are making their way north and we’ve already spotted Red Admirals, Commas, Mourning Cloaks, and lots of moths, bees, flies, and wasps. The prairie is buzzing! If you’re interested in attracting beautiful butterflies and important beneficial insects, now is the time to make plans and order plants.

Planting for pollinators means that you’ll need plants for caterpillars and larvae as well as for adults. To welcome insects there are a few things to consider. Read More…

Milkweeds for Monarchs

Monarch on butterflyweed
Monarch on butterflyweed

Are you ready to welcome butterflies? Monarch populations are doing a bit better, but they could still use a boost. Try planting milkweed this year and be rewarded with monarchs and more. Their showy flower clusters also attract moths, skippers, bees, and beneficial wasps. Set your landscape to buzzing with milkweed! Read More…