Burn Season: Fall 2016

kishwaukeearcher4In the midst of the growing season, you might not think of autumn and the timing of controlled burns. However, now is the perfect time to plan for your fall controlled burn project. With permitting taking up to 90 days, it’s a good idea to get a jump on the process.

Why a controlled burn?

  • Control weedy tree and shrub saplings, some invasive plants, and clean up the site for ease of control later in the season.
  • Stimulate the growth of native plants by getting sunlight to the soil, thus encouraging greater diversity of plants, insects, and animals.
  • Kills ticks.

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Prescribed Burns Restore and Renew the Natural Landscape

prescribed-burn-pizzoIt’s Time! Book Your Prescribed Burn Today!Call Jake Hagelow at 815-762-2862 or email jakeh@pizzo.info.

Are you ready to reap the benefits of a prescribed burn?

  • Control invasive species and weeds
  • Stimulate the growth of native plants and encouraging diverse flora and wildlife
  • Prohibit harmful insects and diseases including ticks

We can help you execute a burn plan with our Certified Prescribed Burn Managers that meet all the state, county and municipal requirements. Safety is job one! Read More…