Featured Project: Village of Montgomery

PhotoDump-0825-2010 435The Village of Montgomery boasts many beautiful naturalized stormwater basins. We at Pizzo & Associates, Ltd. are proud to be an integral part of their continued success! We have used invasive plant management, aquatic weed management and prescribed fire to create basins that are brimming with color and life. When needed, we have supplemented areas with native plugs and seed.


The shoreline buffers are thick with Beardtongue, Swamp Milkweed, Beebalm, Yellow Coneflower, Black-eyed Susan, Pickerel Weed, Switch Grass and many more. These deep-rooted prairie plants hold the shoreline against the pressures of erosion including wave action, muskrats, and flooding.

By planting the basins in native wildflowers and grasses, they host a wide range of species of insects, amphibians, birds, and mammals. Frogs sing in the spring, while cicadas buzz in summer. The outstanding fall color of the native grasses combined with the interesting seedpods of the flowers create a dramatic show.

“The Pizzo Group has worked tirelessly to take our storm water basins from barely functioning ponds, to a level where they encourage and support healthy aquatic life and plants in additional to wildlife including butterflies and native plants.  The homes adjacent to the Village’s basins are at a premium due to the beautiful and peaceful natural setting they provide their neighbor’s.  The basins help to improve water quality, while making Montgomery a more beautiful place to visit and live.” – Todd Hoppenstedt, Director of Public Works









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President & Southern Territory Manager



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General Manager – Western Territory



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General Manager – Northern Territory