Featured Project: Preserving a Piece of Michigan’s Natural History

Ancient Beech

For the past seven years, we at Pizzo & Associates, Ltd. have been proud to steward a special piece of land along the Galien River in Three Oaks, Michigan. The homeowners purchased approximately 30 acres as a vacation property and built a home, pool, and pool house for family getaways. They chose the site for its proximity to the Chicago metro area and the beautiful site on the river.







American Cancer-root
American Cancer-root

With a love of the Michigan flora and fauna, the homeowners wanted to restore their property to its natural beauty. We were thrilled to find ancient Oaks, Hickories, Tuliptrees, Sycamores, Beeches, and Maples in their forests. These large mature trees have created the perfect ecosystem for a couple of rare parasitic plants. American Cancer-root (Conopholis americana) is found on the roots of the oaks and beeches and is a cream or yellowish structure resembling clumps of cones. Annual Beech-drops (Epifagus virginiana) are found growing on the American Beech and look like a cluster of slender brown stalks with purplish flowers. Christmas Ferns (Polystichum acrostichoides) decorate the slopes down to the river.

Prairie in bloom
Prairie in bloom

We converted part of a corn field back to prairie so the homeowners could enjoy the beautiful wildflowers and grasses as well as attract birds and butterflies. So far, there have been 150 species of plants cataloged and more than 120 species of bird recorded on the site. Pileated Woodpeckers call the woods home while a myriad of songbirds migrate through in spring and fall.

This distinctive site has brought deep joy to the family. By caring for this wonderful mix of ecosystems, it has become their part of the planet to restore and protect.





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