Fall Site Enhancements Provide Spring Beauty

8Days are getting shorter, leaves are beginning to fall, and it’s the perfect time to plant! This season, consider adding to your landscape or natural area now for a beautiful reward in the spring. Take a few moments to study your area and think about what might be missing or could be improved. What areas need more wildflowers? Is fall color a priority? Is it time to build mulched paths or enhance existing ones?

Fall is a wonderful time to plant plugs, shrubs and trees. Warm soils and cool rains create ideal conditions for building plant roots, giving them a great start for spring growth. Supplemental plugs can add diversity to a natural area and pops of color in the landscape. Shrubs and trees add not only fall color, but wildlife food and winter structure.


Welcome wildlife this fall and winter with habitat enhancements designed to attract birds, mammals, and fish. We are delighted to enhance your natural area with custom bird and bat houses. These wooden structures are designed to attract our native songbirds and bats, Mother Nature’s insect controls. Adding structures to a body of water, through the placement of dead trees, large limbs and/or fish cribs, provides shelter for fish species and the perfect perching spot for waterfowl and sunning turtles. We can also include accessible stone outcropping for viewing and fishing access. Create diversity and depth in your ecosystem by providing appropriate and attractive homes for wildlife.

Let’s get started! We are eager to discuss your project needs.


Jake Hagelow
General Manager – Southern Territory

Seth Crackel
General Manager – Western Territory

Joe Pizzo
General Manager – Northern Territory