Discourage Canada Geese with Native Landscaping

canada geeseEach autumn, we see the return of migrating Canada Geese. They are a wildlife success story, rebounding from near extinction. However, their abundance is now a common nuisance in many communities. Excessive Canada Geese droppings reduce water quality in ponds and lakes as well as contaminate golf courses, lawns and walkways. Three geese excrete as much feces as one human. Territorial animals, people can be attacked and chased by the large birds.


canada geese2There are many ways available to discourage Canada Geese in your landscape. Mute swans, dog harassment, permanent fencing or a sustainable landscape of native plants work to a certain degree. However, swans are only aggressive during the mating season and dogs can be costly. Fencing must be maintained in order to be effective and it may not be aesthetically pleasing. Canada Geese are protected by federal and state laws, so it is illegal to kill birds, destroy nests, or damage eggs without a permit.


Native landscaping offers several beneficial solutions for a Canada Goose problem.

  • Geese instinctively perceive taller plants as unsafe environments and will not congregate in ponds surrounded by native buffers. Their favorite landscapes are waterways with gently sloping short vegetation such as lawns. Once Canada Geese have found a good nesting spot, they will return year after year. Discouraging them with native plantings stops the problem before it starts.
  • The deep roots of native wildflowers and grasses hold the shoreline against the pressures of wind, waves, and ice. A native buffer reduces erosion and increases water quality.
  • Adding native plants both in the water and up the shore attracts a diverse array of desirable species such as songbirds, egrets, herons, frogs, turtles and more. Bees, butterflies, and beneficial insects flock to wildflowers.
  • Beautiful plantings invite residents to utilize and enjoy outdoor spaces as well as increase home values.


Pizzo & Associates, Ltd. are experts at turf to prairie conversions. Let us help you reduce or eliminate this nuisance wildlife the sustainable way!

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