Featured Project: Rainbow Beach, Unexpected Gem

Rainbow Beach After photo 4Rainbow Beach Park is tucked along Lake Shore Drive on the south side of Chicago and is part of the Chicago Park District. This beautiful slice of rare remnant dunes includes a unique pan environment and dry mesic prairie along with beaches, recreation areas and field house. Initially established as a park in 1908 it is named for the U.S. Army’s 42nd Rainbow Division that fought in World War I. We are delighted that it has won an Excellence in Landscape Gold Award from the Illinois Landscape Contractors Association. Read More…

Salt Tolerant Native Plants

b_amocan_1(2)Amorpha canescens

Winter in the Chicago area inevitably means salted roads and walkways. Fortunately, some of our native plants will happily tolerate salt and still be beautiful. We’ve chosen a list of plants we find able to not only absorb and clean polluted snowmelt and runoff, but are well-behaved in the landscape.

Amorpha canescens or Lead Plant

Lead plant gets its common name from its dusty grey green foliage that looks like oxidized lead. This short sub-shrub will surprise you with long lasting purple flower spikes covered in bright orange anthers. Plant it in the front of the border where you can reach out and touch the soft leaves. It does best in full sun to part shade and good drainage. Read More…