Jenna Whalen Joins ecology + vision, llc

jenna_whalenWe are pleased to welcome Jenna Whalen, ASLA as our newest Design Associate at ecology + vision, llc. A graduate of the University of Illinois with a BLA in Landscape Architecture, Jenna has worked on both large and small scale projects for eight years at Mariani Landscape before joining the team at ecology + vision. She is very active in the Illinois Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects, serving as Fellowship Chair. Her responsibilities include planning the annual Oktoberfest and Holiday Spritzer Events among other happenings.  She encourages everyone to come!

A resident of LaSalle County, Jenna is very excited to dive into the world of ecological restoration and native landscaping. She looks forward to creating exciting new spaces and restoring natural areas to beauty and function. You may reach Jenna at or 815-570-1488.

Weed Control for Fall

buckthorn removalWeed species are sturdy, pernicious, and can move quickly. This autumn let us help you get on top of the weed war with fall invasive species control. For some species, autumn is a good time to get in and clean out.

It’s not too late to win against common reeds (Phragmites australis) and cattails (Typha sp.), but herbicide treatments must be applied while plants are still green. Fall applications can be particularly effective as plants draw their last nutrients into the roots. Ask us about prescribed fire as the second step to eliminate these invasive bullies. Open up your wetlands, rain gardens, bioswales, and drainage systems to a new level of native diversity. Read More…

Fall Site Enhancements Provide Spring Beauty

8Days are getting shorter, leaves are beginning to fall, and it’s the perfect time to plant! This season, consider adding to your landscape or natural area now for a beautiful reward in the spring. Take a few moments to study your area and think about what might be missing or could be improved. What areas need more wildflowers? Is fall color a priority? Is it time to build mulched paths or enhance existing ones?

Fall is a wonderful time to plant plugs, shrubs and trees. Warm soils and cool rains create ideal conditions for building plant roots, giving them a great start for spring growth. Supplemental plugs can add diversity to a natural area and pops of color in the landscape. Shrubs and trees add not only fall color, but wildlife food and winter structure. Read More…